Urze do Monte Kennels


The Urze do Monte kennel is located in Lourinhã, a small village at 45 minutes from Lisbon. We live in a small place where the green of the trees is the principal color. Our dogs live together with us, each one has is own kennel, closed at winter and open in the summer, they have a large storehouse to live with 10 fenced acres to play and run. They are never closed only when it is needed so they can meet persons and other animals and that is why is temperament is excellent. We provide our dogs fresh clean water always because we have a mechanism of free water and recently we also start to give them free high quality food.  We feed our Dogs ACANA that is a Canadian Super Premium and with all the recipes we have tried this one is the one that we fell is the best for them. We think that our dogs are happy with all this we give them and we will continue to search for the best for them.


Pictures coming soon