Sheduled litter to 2003 - Make your reservation

The  Urze do Monte Kennel is planing a litter to 2003 between Lena da Costa Oeste  with a male yet to decide. We will make this litter hoping to keep some for us because we are expecting that Lena give us some excellent puppies.


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Litter Information

Puppie and Bernardo

"At the Urze do Monte Kennel we try to preserve our dogs instinte to work and guard so our puppies and adults live in a open system where they are always outside, never in the kennel so they can learn since baby age how to do their work properly. We try to give them an healthy and happy environment preventing all kind of diseases and traumas but giving them the chance to know as many different things as possible like other animals and specially humans. This way our puppies will be calm, controlled and loving pets to their future owner.

The Urze do Monte Puppies will only leave our kennel at the age of 2 months after their second shot and with the pedigree registered at the Portuguese Kennel Club.

We provide our puppies a quality super-premium food to help them in their growth and if necessary they will have their vitamin supplement.

We hope that all this can help the puppy to growth up healthy, strong and with character and we fell this way that they will be excellent pets for excellent owners.

Daniel Rodrigues

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